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Walking is the most common human activity! It enables us to have balance, posture, flexibility, mobility, and stability. Any poor or abnormal walking pattern will limit you in at least one, and eventually, all of these abilities – leading to the rapid deterioration of your health, and activities of daily living.

We only teach the Modern Nordic Walking method* as it is the only technique that provides every element for maintaining or regaining your normal walking pattern, during your entire lifetime.

Nordic Walking is the perfect summer cross-training for cross country skiers, and it has been clinically proven to burn up to 46% more energy than walking, and 30% more than moderate jogging! It engages the whole body in a single easy, fun, outdoor exercise in normal walking shoes and clothing.

As it has the highest loyalty of all exercises, hence it is the easiest exercise to attain your goal weight.


Book your 1st Modern Nordic Walking Class of 60 minutes in Cape Town on any Saturday morning, commencing at either at 09h30 or at 11h30.

Your second 60-minute class will then be booked at a time to fit your schedule on different terrain, so you can Nordic Walk everywhere.

Free Nordic Walking Poles are provided for all the Classes.

From the 1st Class, you’ll experience benefits and enjoy pleasurable social time, without any perceived additional exertion compared to normal walking.


The total cost is only R450/class – no other exercise is as cost-effective.

After the 1st Class, I had enough confidence and motivation to start my new workout routine. I really LOVE this workout and I see such improvement. Now, the 4.5 km Nordic Walk I do with my child on my back (on the beach) in the morning is my daily routine – I can already feel and see the improvement after just 2 weeks!Jitra

After my first Class I can feel the top side of my arms/shoulders and all along the front of my arms – so impressed! It’s very addictive. I can’t wait to get my Poles and walk everywhere with them. Unlike the gym, this is something I can’t wait to do it!Caroline

I have walked nearly every day since I got the Poles and now manage to do about 2km in 30min, am overjoyed. I am not free of all pain but have to report that whilst I am walking I feel absolutely no discomfort at all and that usually carries me through for quite sometime after my walk. I am beginning to notice that when I do not walk that my back is definitely worse. – Vanessa

I cannot believe how my mother was standing up straight at the end of your 90-minute class. I have not seen her do that for over 10 years! – Vanessa’s adult son

I find it easy to walk with poles, and enjoyable. They’ve helped my balance enormously and given me confidence, as I was always terrified of tripping and falling. It greatly helps my posture and I would advise anyone with spinal problems to try Nordic Walking. – Sue

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The finest inexpensive Nordic Walking Poles are available for sale at any time and can be easily sent anywhere in RSA.


In 2019 the Modern Nordic Walking method* was declared as the best technique by the International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW), a scientific organisation for boosting Nordic Walking research, education, and overall development worldwide.

Other techniques detrimentally disrupt the normal human walking pattern in different ways! They should only be considered if you do not wish your walking pattern to be normal.

This is all backed by hundreds of published European and USA Clinical journal literature, proving Nordic Walking is far better than any other single, or even a combination of exercises!

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