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How to get my goods delivered? 

Southpole Nordic Walk offers two different options to transport and deliver your goods. Postnet-to-Postnet can be arranged at R120.00 and Door-to-Door delivery is available from The Courier Guy for R150.00 (depending on location).

Do I need special clothing or shoes to Nordic Walk?

Nope! Just your favourite pair of shoes and a set of Nordic Walking poles and you’re all set to hit the trails.

Where can I do Nordic Walking?

Anywhere, anytime, no matter the terrain. You can even do it under water.

Will walking faster or jogging give me the same results as Nordic Walking?

Unfortunately not. Firstly fast walking and jogging don’t engage your upper body. Secondly, Nordic Walking burns up to 30% more than jogging and 46% more than walking, without any perceived additional exertion.

What’s the difference between Trekking and Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles that do not alter your normal walking and arm swing pattern, but harness  your back-swing so that the poles propel you forward as you move. The poles are equipped with hand straps that secure them in the palm of your hand (even if your hand opens fully.)  They also increase mobility, balance, walking speed, step length and posture while toning and exercising your upper body.

Trekking poles essentially operate as walking sticks. They stabilise your walking and provide some protection from falling, slipping or losing your balance. However, the poles contribute very little towards overall muscle and fitness development. A trekking pole will also easily fall out of your hand and hang from your wrist if you open your hand.

Nordic Walking looks easy! I already know how to walk. Why do I need a training course?

it’s not possible to learn it properly without a skilled trainer. Our fast and easy training will provide you with proper technique, ensuring you get the most benefit out of every walking session. Learn it properly and you’ll never regret it.

I have an injury that limits my mobility. Can I still Nordic Walk?

Good news! If you can walk, sports colleges, health care establishments and rehabilitation therapists all agree that Nordic Walking is one of the best forms of recovery for most health and fitness issues.

Am I too old for Nordic Walking? I’m nearly eighty years old!

NO! If you can walk, you should Nordic Walk. Research shows that inactivity leads to further loss of fitness and health. Nordic Walking gives you a FULL BODY workout that improves balance, fitness, flexibility, health, mobility, posture, stability and strength, greatly improving your quality of life.

Is this just another fitness gimmick?

Not a chance. Not only is Nordic Walking the fastest growing international sport, it’s also been enjoyed by people all around the world for over 45 years. Nordic Walking is here to stay.

Once you start Nordic Walking, you’ll be so surprised by the benefits, you’ll wish you started this years earlier!

What are you waiting for? Take our word for it, you’ll be so glad you did.

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