Rubber Tips KV+ for Nordic Walking Poles (2 pairs)


Rubber Tips fit pole end 10-15mm diameterThese Rubber Tips are ideal for all hard or non-slippery surfaces, and they are ideal for any walking or trekking poles that the top of the tip is 10-15mm diameter

The Rubber Tips are angled for perfect contact with the ground.



Even when the tyre pattern has worn flat, the rubber tips will continue to perform superbly and give lots more walking pleasure.

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RUBBER TIPS KV+ for Nordic Walking Poles – 2 pairs


KV+ Rubber Tips are the finest Swiss made, quality, high density Nordic Walking rubber tip, for long lasting use.


Nordic Walk on any firm, non-slippery surfaces including asphalt, brickwork, cobblestones, concrete, grass or lawn (some), pavements and tarmac with these long lasting Rubber Tips, for the best Nordic Walking experience.


The special price for 2 pairs includes free shipping.


Removing them exposes the steel tip below, which enables non-slip walking on loose gravel or slippery surfaces.



They also work extremely well on any hard surfaces, however they are not suitable for cobblestones, paving or bricks, as the tip can get caught in the gap between these, and break off.



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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 5.8 × 3.4 cm

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  1. admin

    I am still using a pair after 8 years! I’m continually amazed – 26-10-18 oh finally worn through, excellent wear on the only consummable

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