Rubber Tips – 2 pairs special


Rubber Tips – 2 pairs special – FREE SHIPPING

These Rubber Tips are superb for all hard or non-slippery surfaces.

They also fit any walking or trekking poles that have a  10-15mm diameter at the top of the Steel Tip holder.
Rubber Tips fit pole end 10-15mm diameter





Flush contact of the Rubber Tip with the ground is achieved by positioning the Rubber Tips in the correct  direction

The Rubber Tips will continue to perform superbly and give lots more walking pleasure when the tyre tread is worn off, due to the high-quality KV+ rubber content.


RUBBER TIPS – 2 pairs special with FREE SHIPPING

KV+ Rubber Tips (pair)

These RUBBER TIPS – 2 pairs special

  1. Free shipping is supplied with the purchase of Rubber Tips – 2 pairs. Select the FREE SHIPPING OPTION on checkout.
  2. Correct fitting and removal are easy with the free detailed instructions and photos you will also receive.
  3. Get long-lasting use on most Nordic Walking or trekking poles. These are the finest KV+ Swiss-made, quality, high-density Nordic Walking rubber tips.


Get a firm grip for any hard, non-slippery surfaces with these Rubber Tips for asphalt, brickwork, cobblestones, concrete, grassy fields, hard compacted earth, lawn, pavements, rocks or tarmac.


Get a firm grip on any slippery surface by removing the Rubber Tips by either:

  • Twisting and pulling the Rubber Tip away from the pole.
  • Wedging the Rubber Tip between the insides of your shoes, and twisting-pulling the pole upwards

The Steel Tips work extremely well on both non-slippery and slippery surfaces. Slippery surfaces include wet or oily surfaces and loose gravel/sand on top of hard surfaces

However, do not use the Steel Tips for cobblestones, paving-stones or brick paving as the tips can get caught in the gap between these, and break off.

Get a quick quote for repair or replacement of the broken steel tip/s by emailing us with a picture of your broken plastic/steel tip end.


  1. The Rubber Tips will be secure on your poles by pushing the Rubber Tips onto the poles as firmly as possible.  Avoid losing or having the Rubber Tips come off unnoticed by doing this – especially on the soft grass.
  2. Never be caught without a set of Rubber tips by taking advantage of this offer

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 5.8 × 3.4 cm


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