VENTO – the best Nordic Walking Poles for everyone


VENTO KV+ top quality Nordic Walking Poles set

  1. Finest quality, manufacture & price – buy now
  2. Reduced weight, better stability, far less shock conducted
  3. Unique, quick detachable wrist-straps
  4. Greater hand comfort, improved sweat absorption
  5. Long-lasting rubber tips for hard, non-slippery surfaces
  6. Hardened steel tips for loose or slippery surfaces
  7. Best for all Nordic Walkers uses
  8. 20% carbon composite
  9. Leading Swiss Nordic Walking brand
  10. The only poles you should buy
  11. If you buy 2 sets of poles, shipping charge same as for 1 set


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VENTO – the best Nordic Walking Poles for everyone

VENTO KV+ Fitness Nordic Walking poles set

  • The finest Swiss quality & manufacture, giving you the best Nordic Walking poles at the best price, available in South Africa – if you buy now
  • These are far lighter carbon fibre composite poles. with far better stability and far less shock conduction
  • You can immediately unclip the wrist-straps from the poles, without taking them off your wrists due to the unique quick release mechanism. These give you complete use of your hands even whilst the hand straps are still on your hands
  • Greater hand comfort with improved sweat absorption due to anatomically modelled cork/plastic hand grips
  • Long wearing rubber tips are ideal for hard or non-slippery surfaces
  • Removing the rubber tips exposes the hardened steel tips for loose or slippery surfaces – making the poles ideal for all surfaces
  • VENTO – the best Nordic Walking poles for everyone, from Trainers, intermediate or beginner Nordic Walkers, whether active, fun, hiking, sport, recreation or competitive use
  • Manufactured by the leading Swiss Nordic Walking brand – KV+
  • These are the best poles you need ever buy
  • PLUS: Two sets of poles can be shipped at the same price as 1 set, due to the lightness of the poles


The Steel tip’s plastic shape, and the pole colour & can vary slightly



Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 140 × 10 × 10 cm


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