VENTO – the best Nordic Walking Poles for everyone


VENTO KV+ top quality Nordic Walking Poles set

  1. Finest quality, manufacture & price – buy now
  2. Reduced weight, better stability, far less shock conducted
  3. Unique, quick detachable wrist-straps
  4. Greater hand comfort, improved sweat absorption
  5. Long-lasting rubber tips for hard, non-slippery surfaces
  6. Hardened steel tips for loose or slippery surfaces
  7. Best for all Nordic Walkers uses
  8. 20% carbon composite
  9. Leading Swiss Nordic Walking brand
  10. The only poles you should buy
  11. If you buy 2 sets of poles, shipping charge same as for 1 set


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VENTO – the best Nordic Walking Poles for everyone

VENTO KV+ Fitness Nordic Walking poles set

  • With the finest KV+ Swiss quality & manufacture, giving you not only peace of mind but you also get VENTO – the best Nordic Walking poles for everyone, at the best price available in South Africa – BUY NOW
  • These are KV+’s far lighter carbon fibre composite poles that are stronger and more rugged, giving you with far better stability, greater shock reduction, and the lowest impact sound during their long-life use
  • Ergonomically designed and extremely well-made adjustable hand-straps, made with superb fabric, come with a unique quick-release mechanism that frees your hands from the poles without taking the hand-straps off your hands. This wonderful feature gives you complete use of your hands even whilst the hand-straps are still on your hands
  • The improved sweat absorption due to anatomically modelled cork and grey plastic handgrips provide the greatest hand comfort with the minimum chaffing
  • Free set of long-lasting high-quality rubber tips which are superb for any and all hard or non-slippery surfaces, that are easily fitted and removed
  • By removing the rubber tips, the hardened steel tips are exposed. These are superb for loose gravel or slippery surfaces.
  • With both these types of tips, you can Nordic Walk wherever you like, on all types of surfaces, no matter the type of road, path, surface or cross country terrain
  • VENTO – the best Nordic Walking poles for everyone. Perfect for Nordic Walking Instructors, competitive, intermediate or beginner, active, fun, hiking, sport orĀ  recreational users
  • Manufactured by the leading Swiss Nordic Walking brandĀ – KV+ and with no mechanical or moving parts, these are the best poles you will ever buy for life-long Nordic Walking benefits
  • Stunningly designed with Silver/green metallic colours and holographic printing, these are the most exceptionally beautiful Nordic Walking Poles

PLUS: Two sets of poles can be shipped at the same price as 1 set, due to the lightness of the poles



Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 140 × 10 × 10 cm
Your height in cms = Size of Pole

140-152 cms = Size 100, 153-160 cms = Size 105, 161-167 cms = Size 110, 168-175 cms = Size 115, 176-182 cms = Size 120, 183-190 cms = Size 125, 191cms & above = Size 130


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