Quality Nordic Walking Poles

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Quality Nordic Walking Poles – CAMPRA, at the lowest price

  • Only for height of 150-162 cm
  • Light, low shock, stable fibreglass poles
  • Great hand comfort & improved sweat absorption
  • Long-lasting rubber tips for hard, non-slippery surfaces
  • Hardened steel tips for loose or slippery surfaces
  • Great for all Nordic Walking uses
  • Leading Swiss quality KV+ Nordic Walking brand

If you buy 2 sets of poles, the shipping charge is the same as for 1 set of poles

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Quality Nordic Walking Poles – CAMPRA – at the lowest price


  • Only available for height between 150 – 162 cm
  • Manufactured by KV+ – the leading Swiss Nordic Walking brand
  • Get a lifetime of use and absolute peace of mind with the finest Swiss quality and expertise
  • Fixed length Nordic Walking Poles with absolutely no moving nor mechanical parts, ensure the best use with the longest-life
  • Strikingly designed, brightly coloured yellow, silver and black poles
  • Smart & stylish visibility at all times
  • Great stability and shock reducing properties
  • Strong and rugged fibreglass with the lowest impact noise
  • Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, active, fun, hiking, sport, or recreational Nordic Walker, these poles will take you there


  • Hours and hours of walking ease due to these ergonomically designed and well-made specialised fabric, personally adjustable comfortable wrist-straps
  • Great hand comfort with the minimum of chaffing, and superior sweat absorption due to anatomically modelled cork handgrips


  • Free set of rubber tips for any and all hard or non-slippery surfaces – easily fitted and removed
  • The hardened steel tips are superb for loose gravel or slippery surfaces
  • Both tips make easy Nordic Walking on all types of surfaces, no matter the type of road, path, surface or cross country terrain

PLUS: Two sets of poles can be shipped at the same price as 1 set, due to the lightness of the poles – for even better value

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 140 × 10 × 10 cm