Carbon Nordic Walking Poles


2 sets of poles can be sent at the same Post & Packing charge as for 1 pair

PW500 Plum colour

NEWFEEL 50% Carbon fibre Blue or Plum coloured pole set

PW500 Round tungsten carbide tip

Tungsten Carbide round tip

PW500 Nordic Walking pole with Rubber Tip

NEWFEEL PW Multipad Rubber Tips

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Carbon Nordic Walking Poles


Carbon Nordic Walking poles set, 50% NEWFEEL PW500


  1. Light, high-quality, tested, Italian design and manufactured Nordic Walking poles set
  2. 50% Carbon fibre for enhanced dampening of vibration and noise
  3. Specially designed wrist straps with quick/easy fastening and release
  4. Anatomically modelled elastomer handles provide easy and very comfortable use
  5. Round, hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide tip for enhanced propulsion
  6. Free set of detachable, hard, long-wearing Rubber Tips –  laboratory tested for over 300 km use on all hard surface

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 140 × 10 × 10 cm
Height in cms = (Pole length required)

140-152 cms = Size 100, 153-160 cms = Size 105, 161-167 cms = Size 110, 168-175 cms = Size 115, 176-182 cms = Size 120, 183-190 cms = Size 125, 191cms & above = Size 130

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