CAMPRA – the best low price Nordic Walking Poles


CAMPRA – the best low price Nordic Walking Poles

  • Best quality, manufacture & price – BUY NOW
  • Light, low shock, stable fibreglass poles
  • Great hand comfort & improved sweat absorption
  • Long-lasting rubber tips for hard, non-slippery surfaces
  • Hardened steel tips for loose or slippery surfaces
  • Great for all Nordic Walking uses
  • Leading Swiss quality KV+ Nordic Walking brand
  • The best low poles you should BUY NOW
  • If you buy 2 sets of poles, the shipping charge is the same as for 1 set of poles
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CAMPRA – the best low price Nordic Walking Poles

  • The finest KV+ Swiss quality & manufacture, giving you not only peace of mind but also the best low price Nordic Walking Poles available in South Africa – BUY NOW
  • Strong fibreglass poles give you stability, with shock reducing properties & low noise
  • Ergonomically designed wrist-straps for hours of walking ease & pleasure
  • Great hand comfort with improved sweat absorption due to anatomically modelled cork/plastic hand grips
  • Long-lasting high-quality rubber tips which are superb for any hard or non-slippery surfaces
  • Removing the rubber tips exposes the hardened steel tips, which are great for loose gravel or slippery surfaces. With both types of tips, you can Nordic Walk wherever you like, on all types of surfaces
  • CAMPRA – the best, low price KV+ Nordic Walking Poles for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, active, fun, hiking, sport, or recreational Nordic Walker, these poles will take you there
  • Manufacture by the leading Swiss Nordic Walking brand – KV+ and with no mechanical or moving parts you will get life long Nordic Walking pleasure
  • Bright yellow & silver design, making you visible at all times
  • These are the best low price Nordic Walking Poles you can BUY NOW

PLUS: Two sets of poles can be shipped at the same price as 1 set, due to the lightness of the poles – for even better value

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 140 × 10 × 10 cm


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