Gloves – Nordic Walking or trekking


KV+ Gloves are superb for Nordic Walking, trekking, or even cycling

Made of stretchable & breathable material.

Extra padding in the essential places.

Fingerless, for unrestricted finger use.

Easily & quickly removed.

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KV+ Gloves – Nordic Walking or trekking come in Waling Blue & black, and are made of high quality, fine, light, ideal material, for both inner palm and outer hands.

Superb look, feel and design for hours of wearing comfort and years of protection and use.

KV+ finest Nordic Walking Gloves - Palm of hand view


Protects against blisters & chaffing – right where you need it most due to the superb leather piece on the inner palm, AND the extra padding over the perlicue – the webbing between your thumb & forefinger, protecting both the inner palm and fingers from abrasion and chaffing.


Designed with ideal light stretchable & breathable outer-hand fabric, for moisture release, winter warmth & summer coolth, and unlimited hand movement, all providing sheer long-wearing comfort.


The gloves are especially great for regular walking, training & competitions, with fingerless ends allowing unfettered and unrestricted finger use, without removal for cell phone operation and any other finger usage.

A marvellous addition of unobtrusive stretchable loops between the 1st and 2nd fingers, and 3rd and 4th fingers, allows for exceptionally quick & easy glove removal.

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Dimensions 20 × 16 × 3 cm


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