Testimonials - Jitra & child - Noordhoek Beach

J Janssonius & son on Noordhoek beach

“Hugh gave me such a clear start with Nordic Walking. He explained clearly and in a easy way how to use the poles and why to use them the way they should be used. After the introduction class I had enough confidence and motivation to start my new workout routine. I really LOVE this workout and I see such improvement. Now, the 4,5 km Nordic Walk I do with my child on my back in the morning is my daily routine – I can already feel and see improvement after just two weeks!”  J Janssonius – Noordhoek

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“I thought the entire lesson was well done & fun! After my 1st Class I can feel the top side of my arms/shoulders and all along the front of my arms – even in my back & my waist this morning!! ! So impressed. I can’t wait to get my Poles and walk everywhere with them. Unlike gym, this is something I can’t wait to do!”  C Konstant – Harfield Village

“It’s so great. I can feel the difference in my arms and back.”  J Pote – White River

“Took a short left on my way home on Saturday to try out my new poles on Blouberg beachfront :).   I really feel the effects of the previous days exercise!” A du Plessis – Bellville

Nordic Walking testimonials

“Loving using my new poles – I  have done 3 x 8km walks this week! (It) takes me 65 minutes at a comfy pace!”  A Muller – Stillbaai

“Thanks so much for the Nordic Walking Class. I was already Nordic Walking and I found this so rewarding and I learnt loads!  I can’t wait to get going in the morning again!!” P Lever – Pinelands

“N. I. and C.A. absolutely loved your teaching them the technique and assistance with training for the Whale Trail –  Thank you.”  A Mead – Sedgefield


Nordic Walking testimonials

“About your request about feedback about the lesson, I just thought it may be a good idea to come off the ‘high’ of Nordic Walking before I reply, but that has not happened yet so I will have to reply now. I have walked nearly every day since I got the sticks and now manage to do about 2km in 30min, am overjoyed.

I am not free of all pain but have to report that whilst I am walking I feel absolutely no discomfort at all and that usually carries me through for quite some time after my walk. I am beginning to notice that when I do not walk that my back is definitely worse.

I have given your contact to some friends and on Friday I am going to show one of them how easy and pain-free walking can be! I have had people commenting on the difference in my posture. Now how about that?

I personally only have praise for you and the product you are selling. I will continue to be a good ad for your walking sticks, I am so enjoying them!” V. Cross – Marina Da Gama

“I cannot believe how my mother is standing up straight after your 90 minute class. I have not seen her do that for 10 years! Son of V. Cross – Marina Da Gama – (After the Class)

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“I love walking with them.  I can definitely feel the benefits, particularly in my posture.”  G Ohl – Olifantsfontein

What a difference to my posture, thanks Hugh, it is huge fun and it’s very addictive. !”  C Konstant – Harfield Village (After the 4 classes)

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