Research benefits - brain

Clinical medical research confirms that Nordic Walking is the complete & symmetrical training of the whole body. It has the highest exercise adherence of all exercises because it is so easy, fun and is done in normal clothing, almost anywhere and anytime, and takes up the least amount of time. It solves the paying for gym fees and not going regularly.

It is also the finest recovery & maintenance of health & fitness exercise for the conditions below, for anyone who can walk.

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Research Nordic Walking

If you are interested in details of the benefits for any of the conditions below, email us for a free summary of the internationally recognised Clinical Medical Research results showing how much greater Nordic Walking benefits are compared to any other single exercise for the following conditions:

  • Acute Coronary Syndrome – significantly greater  improvement results
  • Ageing or Geriatric, deterioration & chronic conditions – far more beneficial for balance, endurance, flexibility, fitness, stability & strength rehabilitation
  • Alzheimer’s Disease – Greater functional capacity improvement
  • Arm lymphedema & shoulder function – superior recovery
  • Balance, flexibility, postural control & stability – Speedier rehabilitation & recovery
  • Blood pressure irregularities – positive results
  • Breast Cancer – better surgery preparation, and recovery
  • Cardiovascular disease or implant – quicker rehabilitation
  • Chronic Heart Failure or Myocardial Infarction  – More than 100% improvement
  • Chronic Back pain- reduces or eliminates it completely
  • Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), or Acute Coronary Syndrome – speedier rehabilitation
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – far better physical & fitness ability improvements
  • Depression – better mood enhancement and quality of life
  • Diabetes 2 and impaired glucose tolerance – greater positive effects

Research Benefits - Fibromyalgia

  • Fibromyalgia – substantially improved functional capacity and pain reduction
  • Fitness & health – the highest exercise retention of all that provides the most beneficial recovery
  • Haemophilia – Provides the safest & most efficient exercise
  • Heart failure – the greater range of benefits substantially enhances the overall quality of life
  • Insulin Resistance – A very positive effect on the  condition
  • Intermittent Claudication (IC) – Greater positive improvements
  • Iron metabolism – More significant Ferritin reduction

Research benefits - Fibromyalgia, joint injury or replacement recovery

  • Joint surgery – More beneficial fitness & ability recovery
  • Lung disease & transplantation – Excellent for fitness preparation, and recovery
  • Menopause, both pre- and post- conditions – substantially greater positive impacts
  • Muscle pain or injury – Speedier recovery
  • Obesity – Tremendous positive effects
  • Osteoarthritis, pelvis motion & hip muscle activities – Provides more important improvements
  • Pain – Far better reduction or elimination of arms, back, neck & shoulder pain

Research Parkinsons Disease

  • Parkinson’s Disease – Far better improvement for balance, flexibility, freezing, mobility, postural control, reaction time, stability & walking challenges

Benefits - research

  • Pregnancy – most ideal exercise for maintaining health & fitness before & after giving birth
  • Posture issues – Best and easiest natural re-alignment and balance improvements
  • Pulmonary conditions – finest fitness & ability rehabilitation
  • Sports or other Injury – most ideal fitness & ability recovery exercise
  • Stress – Great reduction in symptoms severity
  • Strokes – Finer improvements to balance, walking & mobility, and activities of daily living
  • Surgery – Ideal for both pre-surgery fitness, and post-surgery fitness recovery
  • Walking issues – Greatest improvement in walking distance, speed, step length, mobility & endurance

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