FAQs Nordic Walking

Do I need special clothing or shoes to Nordic Walk? 

Besides a set of Nordic Walking poles, no special clothes, or shoes are required. That is why it is so inviting, and so easy to do anytime.


FAQ's Nordic Walking South Africa

Where can I do Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is enjoyed almost anywhere, no matter what the surface. It can also be done in water.

FAQ's Southpole Nordic Walking South Africa


Will walking faster or jogging give me the same results as Nordic Walking?

  • Unfortunately not. Unlike Nordic Walking, walking or jogging provide almost no exercise or development to your upper body
  • Clinical research shows that Nordic Walking provides far safer & better results than either walking or jogging, both to your upper and lower body’s fitness, flexibility, mobility, stability & strength.
  • Also Nordic Walking has substantially lower impact than jogging, hence it is easier on your joints and therefore injury-free.
FAQ's Nordic Walking Muscle use

Nordic Walking – muscle use


What is the difference between Trekking and Nordic Walking?

NORDIC WALKING is enhanced normal walking with a pair of poles that are specifically designed to propel you forward, with handstraps that keep the pole in your palm if you open your hand.

The use of the poles also improves posture & tones and exercises your upper limbs & body.

FAQ's Southpole Nordic Walking South Africa

Nordic Walking hand strap vs. Trekking Pole (NON)

TREKKING uses a single, or pair of poles, essentially as walking sticks.

These will only support & stabilise your walking, ascending or descending, and some protection from falling, slipping or loosing balance.  It provides little towards overall muscle and fitness development.

A trekking pole will also fall from your grasp & hang from your wrist if you open your hand.


Nordic Walking looks simple. Does one really need a training course?

  • Yes. Although it is simple & easy to learn, you can’t acquire the technique & derive the full benefits, without guidance & observation from a qualified trainer from the start. Immediately after the 1st Southpole class, you’ll be ready to Nordic Walk.
FAQ's Nordic Walking Training

Nordic Walking after 65 minutes training – Zoo Lake Jhb.

  • It is easier to learn correctly from the beginning than having to unlearn incorrect techniques once they have become a habit – Book a class now


Will this be another fitness gimmick that is here today and gone tomorrow?

  • Absolutely not! Nordic Walking has been practiced in for over 45 years, as the summer fitness conditioning for cross-country skiers
  • It is now the preferred exercise for the middle aged and older population
  • Sports colleges, health care establishments and rehabilitation therapists have used Nordic Walking as the best form of recovery for most health and fitness issues
  • It is the fastest growing international sport


FAQ's Southpole Nordic Walking South Africa

Am I too old to do Nordic Walking? I’m nearly eighty years old!

  • No! Nordic Walking is extremely beneficial for anyone who can walk
  • It is proven that inactivity leads to loss of fitness & health. Nordic Walking will give you a full body exercise that improves balance, fitness, flexibility, health, mobility, posture, stability and strength, thereby extending your walking & lifetime enjoyment.
  • In addition, you will consume as much as 46% more calories than normal walking, amazingly, without any perceived additional effort compared to normal walking
  • Once you Nordic Walk, you will notice the wonderful affect it has on your overall sense of health & wellbeing – see Benefits – Research. Hence you will rarely wish to walk without poles again