Over 100 years now

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1930’s – Development: The roots of Nordic Walking go back to Scandinavia, when competitive cross-country skiers began experimenting with ways of staying fit during the snow-less summer months. They came up with a dry-land training method without skis, and just using the ski-ing poles.

1980’s – Research: A series of sports medicine studies in the 1980’s positively correlated the use of walking poles with easy, high fitness levels and the game was on!

1997 – Wrist-strap & Nordic Walking Poles: The next innovation, by a well known Ski Pole manufacturer, was special poles with a uniquely designed wrist strap, that made the present day NORDIC WALKING possible. This system enables the walker to effortlessly release the pole at the back of each back-swing, and then grabbing it at again at the top of each stride.

With the first official Nordic Walking Poles a new sport was born and introduced to the public.

This Nordic Walking wave soon swelled out from the Scandinavian countries to Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the rest of Europe, before rippling across oceans to  America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and scores of others.

2006 – South Africa: Southpole Nordic Walking, the competence centre for Nordic Walking South Africa, was founded in Cape Town.

2016 – World Nordic Walkers: Today approximately 10 Million people in 65 countries are infected by the Nordic Walking enjoyment and benefits, making Nordic Walking is the fastest growing sport in the world.

Nordic Walking names: It is also called:

  • Pole Walking,
  • Urban Walking or
  • Urban Poling, in different part so of the world.
  • In the USA, the equivalent is also called Exerstriding

Africa & Nordic Walking: South Africans are now writing the new chapter in the history of this exciting sport, recreation and fitness activity, on the African continent