Best health & recovery exercise, easiest, lowest cost, for any age

Nordic Walking health & recovery benefits are backed by Clinical research & reports. They benefit the following conditions:

  • Alzheimers, Arthritis
  • Back pain, Breast Cancer
  • Cardiac Syndromes, Chronic pain, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
  • Dementia, Depression, Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation
  • Heart Failure
  • Joint Pain
  • Low Bone Mass
  • Menopause, Multiple Sclerosis
  • Obesity, Osteoporosis
  • Parkinsons Disease, Post-surgery Recuperation, Posture problems
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Weight Loss

It’s astounding range of benefits include:

      • Use of up to 90% of the body muscle mass
      • The anyone-do-anywhere exercise on land or even in water
      • It’s a proven stress management tool
      • It’s great for weight loss
      • It is highly effective cardio-vascular workout for optimal health
      • It’s the safest and lowest impact exercise,  with great health & recovery benefits for anyone suffering from injuries or surgery

It does this by:

  1. Improving health and recovery, benefitting posture, rehabilitation progress and blood circulation
  2. Strengthening the entire body health, the immune system, the upper body, the spinal discs and the trapezius back muscles,  in a way walking or cycling simply cannot do, .
  3. Increasing calorie consumption by up to 46%, spine rotation activity, the heart rate by 10-15% more than with normal walking,  and bone density through the resistance training
  4. Benefitting the reduction of pain and muscle tension and the incidence of back pain significantly
  5. Lowering mental stress effects, and the load, stress and impact on the knees, ankles and hips,

No other exercise provides health and recovery benefits of such a magnitude, doing this without an increase in perceived exertion!

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