Mother & child benefit on Noordhoek BeachWelcome to SOUTHPOLE NORDIC WALKING – Ski action on snowless trails

At the first glance, the spectacle of a person propelling themselves forward on dry land using two “ski poles” might seem like some kind of candid camera prank – yet it is nothing of the sort.

It is NORDIC WALKING, also known as Pole Walking, Urban Walking or Urban Poling. It also is the fastest growing sport in the world, for all, irrespective of age, gender & condition.

Originally designed by elite competitive skiers, it is also the easiest, hugely effective, high level, total body workout!

Nordic Walking is unbelievably simple – ONLY 3 THINGS ARE REQUIRED:

  1.    DESIRE?    Do you have it? If so, then…..
  2.    HOW TO? Do a Nordic Walking Introductory Technique Class in Cape Town – BOOK A CLASS
  3.    FINALLY? Make the only purchase you need, a set of Nordic Walking Poles – BUY A SET OF POLES

This will give you:

  • ALL THE BENEFITS you’d like
  • The level of fitness you desire
  • Growing stamina every time you Nordic Walk
  • Increased vitality
  • Stress level decrease
  • Delight in your improved health
  • The easiest, lowest exertion and pleasurable activity there is – Enquire or BOOK A CLASS